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House Training Your Cavalier Puppy

Thanks to this breed’s natural desire to please their owners, many people find them easy to train. Their goal is to make you happy and they’ll do whatever they can to please you. Before you begin training your new puppy, make sure to buy a long leash and comfortable collar. Within thirty minutes of feeding your puppy, be sure to take them outside to give them the opportunity to “do their business”. It is also a good idea to take them out every forty-five minutes to an hour throughout the day during the training phase.

When you’re walking your puppy, repeat the phrase “go potty” to reinforce the idea that when they are outside you want them to use the bathroom. When they do go potty use positive reinforcement to praise them with phrases like “good boy” or “good job”. Giving them a treat when they’ve “done their business” outside can be a great reward as well.

With a little patience, time, and the right training techniques, your King Charles Cavalier puppy will be housebroken in no time!


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