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What is the History of Mini Bernedoodles?

The Mini Bernedoodle hybrid has become an extremely popular choice for families who are looking for a puppy that is easy going, playful, intelligent, affectionate and loves people. Mini Bernedoodles have an interesting history when you consider they are a combination of a Bernese Mountain dog and a Mini Poodle. The result of this crossbreeding are puppies meant to be the perfect, loving companions for active owners and families with children.

Hundreds of years before they mated together, Bernese Mountain dogs and Poodles were European neighbors. With Poodles being used for duck hunting in Germany, and the Bernese used for farming in Switzerland. However, you are more likely to find the Mini Bernedoodle in the USA or Canada. Because of the vast difference in size between the breeds, the mother is always the Bernese, it would be dangerous for a female Miniature Poodle to try and carry such big pups.

The Mini Bernedoodle interacts well with children and generally love to spend lots of time with their human families, as they were bred to be companion dogs. It is often feared that crossbreeding could lead to aggressive dogs, but that is not the case with these puppies. Mini Bernedoodles are sweet and gentle dogs who generally love people, especially when they are socialized well from a young age.

From the very beginning of this breed’s history in 2003, it was obvious that these lovable pooches would be a great fit with a wide range of owners. Despite their physical differences, the Bernese Mountain Dog and Miniature Poodle have similar temperaments, making Mini Bernedoodles’ personalities reasonably predictable. Strong, smart and loveable pretty much sums up this unique breed.


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